11 Things Your Laptop Can Do That You Might Not Know About

11 Things Your Laptop Can Do That You Might Not Know About

Sure, you may have had your Windows or macOS laptop for years and years, but have you actually explored every utility and feature it’s got to offer? Take a trip off the beaten track to some of the lesser-known features and options available to you—from expand…

‘The Definition of Corruption’: Warren Calls Out FCC Advisory Committee Overrun by Corporate Suits

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic candidate for president, took aim at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week over the makeup of an advisory committee she calls “stacked with corporate insiders.” In a letter last month, the senator also highl…

White House budget chief looks to delay Huawei ban

The already complicated U.S./Huawei situation gets a few more wrinkles this week. Acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell T. Vought sent a letter to VP Mike Pence and members of congress requesting a delay in the implementation of the f…

Global Entry is ‘vulnerable to exploitation,’ says government watchdog

Global Entry, used by millions of busy passengers traveling to the U.S., is “vulnerable” to criminals taking advantage of weaknesses in the system, according to a new report by a government watchdog. The immigration and border check system, designed to allow …

Georgia court systems recovering from apparent Ryuk ransomware

But a Florida city pays $600k in ransom and still faces $1m in security fixes.

U.S. official: United States building maritime security coalition for Gulf

The United States is building a coalition with its allies to protect Gulf shipping lanes by having “eyes on all shipping”, a senior U.S. State Department official said on Monday, following recent attacks on oil tankers that Washington blamed on Iran.

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