Acting No. 2 at Homeland Security latest to leave department

Acting No. 2 at Homeland Security latest to leave department

The acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security is leaving the department, the latest top-ranking DHS official to exit.

Google Will Now Let You Use Your Android Phone as a Physical Security Key

By now you should know that two-factor authentication is a vital and necessary component of good security hygiene. That said, the most common ways of getting 2FA codes usually involve text messages or authenticator apps, which aren’t always hacker-proof. But …

News Analysis: It’s Bibi’s Israel Now

In re-electing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israelis endorsed a politician who offered himself as the embodiment of stability and military and economic security.

Your Android phone’s volume key can unlock your Google account

Google just made two-step verification a little easier for Android users. Android phones running 7.0+ Nougat or newer can be used as a physical security key to confirm a user’s identity when logging into a Google account with the Chrome browser. When prompted…

Another Day, Another ‘Acting’ Cabinet Secretary as Trump Skirts Senate

President Trump has named a new “acting” cabinet secretary for Homeland Security, another in a series of temporary appointments that avoid a confirmation fight with Congress.

Standardized Test Companies Scramble to Fix Weaknesses After College Admissions Scandal

Standardized testing companies said they were reviewing security procedures and reconsidering special-needs arrangements that allowed cheating to occur.

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