Anderson Cooper discusses Trump's 'wholesale decapitation' of DHS

Anderson Cooper discusses Trump’s ‘wholesale decapitation’ of DHS

CNN’s Anderson Cooper breaks down President Trump’s recent staffing shake-ups at the Department of Homeland Security, including the ousting of the agency’s Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

President Trump addresses migrants

During a roundtable on immigration and border security at the US-Mexico border, President Donald Trump said that the United States is “full.”

See US tourist safe after abduction in Uganda

Kimberly Sue Endicott and her Ugandan tour guide, Jean Paul Mirenge, were kidnapped and held captive for five days before being rescued by Uganda security forces.

Facebook spent $20 million last year on Zuckerberg’s personal protection

2018 was by all means a very rough year for Facebook. The company, which spent the year reeling from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a general bubbling-up of public anger, also had to deal with animosity towards the company’s founder and gave the executiv…

Asus was warned of hacking risks months ago, thanks to leaky passwords

A security researcher warned Asus two months ago that employees were improperly publishing passwords in their GitHub repositories that could be used to access the company’s corporate network. One password, found in an employee repo on the code sharing, allowe…

Cybercrime groups continue to flourish on Facebook

You might be surprised what you can buy on Facebook, if you know where to look. Researchers with Cisco’s Talos security research team have uncovered a wave of Facebook groups dedicated to making money from variety of illicit and otherwise sketchy online behav…

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