Apple says its T2 chip can prevent hackers from eavesdropping through your MacBook mic

Apple says its T2 chip can prevent hackers from eavesdropping through your MacBook mic

One of Apple’s latest custom chips, the security-focused T2, has made its way to the newly updated MacBook Air. In a new security document published, Apple outlines how the chip prevents hackers from eavesdropping through your laptop’s microphone.

Apple Data Downloads, A Dating App for Trump Fans, and More Security News This Week

North Korean bitcoin theft, Fake FCC complaints, and more security news this week.

Secure Your Accounts and Passwords With a Hardware Token

Two-factor authentication is a quick, easy way to add extra security to your accounts (or password managers). For even more security and peace of mind, consider buying a hardware token like the YubiKey or Google Titan. They’re incredibly easy to set up, and a…

John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration

An expletive-laden blowup over border security between the White House chief of staff and the national security adviser was loud enough to be overheard by several officials in the West Wing.

Security camera shows yard turn into ocean

A home security camera on St. George Island, Florida, shows ocean waves rolling through residential yards as Hurricane Michael strikes the Florida Panhandle.

Become a cyber security whizz for under £20 with this course

October has marked Cyber Security Month across Europe and in the US. The event has drawn attention to the growing challenge of navigating the modern landscape of cyber security and online threats. SEE ALSO: Save 75% with the new three-year NordVPN plan Cyber …

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