Bolton: Why should I listen to tape?

Bolton: Why should I listen to tape?

White House national security adviser John Bolton gets testy when asked if he has listened to the Jamal Khashoggi tape.

Yellow vest movement: France braces for ‘ultraviolent’ protests

Some 90,000 security personnel fan out as a fourth weekend of anti-government anger looms.

How to Avoid Fingerprint Scams in Apps

It’s great when an app allows you to add extra security—a fingerprint scan or a depth map of your face, for example—to access its contents. In case someone ever gets their hands on your unlocked device (or figures out your PIN), it’ll be trickier for them to …

Quora, the Q. and A. Site, Says Data Breach Affected 100 Million Users

Some users seemed less surprised by the security breach than by the fact that they had a Quora account in the first place.

Sunflower Labs is building a drone surveillance system for high-end homes

Sunflower Labs, a startup from former Evernote executive Alex Pachikov, is eager to become a leader of drone-based security. Its product, the subscription-based Sunflower system, combines sensors, a base station, and an autonomous drone to create a video home…

Major Vulnerability Discovered In Sennheiser Software Left Data Open to Interception

Security researchers have issued a warning that two pieces of support software for Sennheiser headphones contain a severe vulnerability that leaves systems open to man-in-the-middle attacks. But Sennheiser has a fix. Read more…

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