Crypto exchange Binance says deposits and withdrawals will resume tomorrow

Crypto exchange Binance says deposits and withdrawals will resume tomorrow

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is recovering from last week’s security incident which allowed hackers to steal 7,000 bitcoins (roughly $40 million), said on Monday it has strengthened its security and promised it will allow deposits and withdrawals on…

John Bolton Says North Korean Missile Tests Violated U.N. Resolutions

Mr. Bolton said there was “no doubt” that missile tests this month violated Security Council resolutions. President Trump had earlier downplayed their importance.

Best of Late Night: Seth Meyers Says Trump’s Iran Threats Are a Good Case for More Golf

It’s a matter of national security to keep President Trump golfing, Meyers said. “Otherwise, he’ll spend his time threatening to start wars on Twitter.”

India Election-Results Updates: The Count Begins

Officials are tabulating the results of the world’s largest election ever, after a national debate on joblessness, religious extremism and security.

Top Antivirus Companies Hacked by a ‘Credible Threat’ Demanding a Measly $300 Grand, Security Firm Says

A hacking group, said to run in both English- and Russian-speaking circles online, have offered to sell internal documents and code allegedly stolen from the servers of three major anti-virus companies. Read more…

Google to Provide Huawei Software and Security Updates For 90 Days, Reversing Earlier Decision

Google will continue to work with Huawei for the next 90 days, effectively reversing its decision over the weekend to completely cut business ties with the Chinese tech giant in the wake of an American ban. Read more…

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