Donald Trump, Drone Expert

Donald Trump, Drone Expert

The president today wandered into a surprise White House press briefing already attended by border security suits to restate that he is, among other things, an expert on drone technology. Read more…

Clapper on Trump’s Afghanistan comment: Not sure what history course he took

Former Director of National Security James Clapper disputed President Trump’s claim that the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union was justified.

Ex-CIA official: Putin took shot across Trump’s bow

Ex-CIA case officer and CNN security analyst Robert Baer discusses Russia arresting and accusing Paul Whelan, an American citizen, of espionage.

How to protect your cell phone number and why you should care

Assuming you have your strong passwords in place and your two-factor authentication set up, you think your accounts are now safe? Think again. There’s much more to be done. You might think your Social Security or bank account numbers are the most sensitive di…

Equifax, Western Union, Priceline settle with New York attorney general over insecure mobile apps

New York’s attorney general has settled with five tech and financial giants, requiring each company to implement basic security on their mobile apps. The settlements force Credit Sesame, Equifax (yes, that Equifax), Priceline, Spark Networks, and Western Unio…

Synapse raises $6M to bring neural net weapon detection to x-ray machines

With all of the advances made by computer vision tech in the past few years, it might seem a little crazy that so much of the x-ray security equipment being used at sensitive locations is leaning so heavily on human workers to stop weapons from slipping throu…

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