Get 50% off Kaspersky Lab's home security products in the UK with this code

Get 50% off Kaspersky Lab’s home security products in the UK with this code

When it comes to deals, it pays to act fast. With a lot of sales or individual offers, the best prices don’t stick around for long, and this makes sense, because the retailers don’t want everyone securing the extra low prices. When you spot a great deal, you …

Watch a security officer nail ‘At Last’ after Michael Bublé hands her the mic

It doesn’t matter how cynical you are online; videos of musicians inviting people onstage are still wholesome and good. Michael Bublé participated in this pleasant genre on Wednesday night, when he played a show at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Midway …

Bust the bad guys with these smart and affordable home security systems

Earlier this month, police in suburban Oregon responded to a 911 call from two men who reported that a burglar was locked inside the bathroom of their Beaverton-area home. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers heard banging noises coming from inside the ro…

Save 66% on Norton Security Deluxe and get Norton Secure VPN for free

There’s nothing better than a great deal. You could make the argument for your wedding day, or the birth of your first child, but we’re not having it. There’s nothing that comes close to a deal. The only way to improve on a great deal is to throw in something…

Ex-National Security Officials Sue to Limit Censorship of Their Books

Anuradha Bhagwati, a former United States Marine, is one of five people suing the government over a prepublication review system they call “dysfunctional.”

Black Columbia Student’s Confrontation With Security Becomes Flashpoint Over Racism on Campus

A video of Alexander McNab being pinned down by security officers is adding to a broader conversation about how students of color are treated at one of the nation’s most prominent universities.

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