Hackers Find Stolen NSA Exploit Useful Again, Compromise Tens of Thousands of Routers

Hackers Find Stolen NSA Exploit Useful Again, Compromise Tens of Thousands of Routers

A Microsoft exploit made public last year after being pinched from the National Security Agency has now been used by hackers to compromise more than 45,000 internet routers, according to researchers. Read more…

Trump’s praise of Michael Flynn over the years

Donald Trump has continued to praise his former national security adviser even after he asked him to resign from the White House.

Lt. Colonel: Flynn pardonable but unforgivable

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters reacts to the possibility of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn receiving jail time.

Amazon admits it exposed customer email addresses, but refuses to give details

Amazon’s renowned secrecy encompasses its response to a new security issue, withholding info that could help victims protect themselves. Amazon emailed users Tuesday, warning them that a it exposed an unknown number of customer email addresses after a “techni…

Save $45 on Norton Security Deluxe on Amazon and secure up to 5 devices

The holiday season presents plenty of “stranger danger” moments for you and your family. The only risk that’s greater than strange people is strange people on the internet, all trying to get ahold of your personal information. And since 2017 saw a 3.5% increa…

Owner sets up security camera to figure out how their clever dog keeps escaping

The Dog Liberation Movement has officially begun. Take a look at this Frenchie, who used their dog wiles to break free from their designated dog zone. Unable to figure out how the dog kept escaping, the owner set up a camera to catch it in the act. Congratula…

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