Hackers Used Two Firefox Zero Days to Hit a Crypto Exchange

Hackers Used Two Firefox Zero Days to Hit a Crypto Exchange

A ransomware haul, a border security leak, and more of the week’s top security news.

How to Protect Yourself From the New macOS Security Vulnerability

Mac users take heed: A recently disclosed vulnerability present in the macOS Gatekeeper—otherwise known as the “Cavallarin” exploit—has reportedly been leveraged by adware creators. It’s times like these when we’re reminded of the best advice for keeping your…

D-Link agrees to 10 years of security audits to settle FTC case

After years of litigation and countless security issues, D-Link has settled its case with the Federal Trade Commission over poor security practices in its routers and webcams.

Polyrize raises $4M for its next-gen authorization platform

In enterprise security, there’s been a slow but steady move toward implementing zero trust security models and moving away from trusting anybody solely based on the fact that they have access to the company VPN, for example. That, to some degree, shifts the l…

Surprise! Huawei Can Actually Innovate—and Win Fans

The Chinese company is viewed as a copycat and national-security threat. But it took more than low prices to create the largest maker of telecom gear.

Warren introduces new election security plan

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday released a new election security and voter fraud protection plan aimed to “secure our elections from all threats, foreign and domestic.”

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