Helm's personal email server helps you avoid data breaches

Helm’s personal email server helps you avoid data breaches

Are you uncomfortable with the thought that some of your sensitive data is sitting on a remote server that represents a big, juicy target for hackers ? Helm thinks it has a solution: put that data inside your home. It’s launching a namesake personal server th…

Britain pushes for U.N. Security Council action on Yemen crisis

British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Monday he would push for new action at the United Nations Security Council to try to end hostilities in Yemen and find a political solution to the war there.

Have you downloaded the November 2018 security patch?

The patch is steadily rolling out to users as we speak. Yesterday was November 5, and in the Android world, that means it was a day for a new security patch. The November 2018 patch was officially released yesterday afternoon, and with it comes the usual asso…

Bugs in DJI Drones Could Have Exposed Photos and User Data

Researchers found that they could compromise DJI’s single sign-on tokens, similar to the issue behind Facebook’s massive breach this September.

Election Security Is a Matter of National Security

Election security continues to be an issue of national security. Russia attacked the United States in 2016, and it is doing so again now.

Facebook October 2018 security breach: Everything you need to know

Around 30 million people had their information compromised. Earlier this year, Facebook came under fire for sharing heaps of data for over 87 million users with Cambridge Analytica. As if the company wasn’t already having a tough time regaining the trust of i…

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