Here's the Best Way to Protect Your Accounts From Hacker Takeovers

Here’s the Best Way to Protect Your Accounts From Hacker Takeovers

It’s easy to be a security pessimist. Read more…

Google Recalls Physical Security Keys After Discovery of Bluetooth Vulnerability

Titan—the physical security Google rolled out last summer—was built to “protect high-value users.” Now those users who bought in on Titan are all eligible for free replacements of this $50 device suite after the company discovered a vulnerability in the way i…

Protecting your computer against Intel’s latest security flaw is easy, unless it isn’t

The new vulnerabilities are built into Intel hardware and go by various names. ZombieLoad, Fallout, or RIDL are the catchy ones; the more technical name is Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS).

Editorial Observer: The Nuclear Weapons Sisterhood

It’s hard for women to be hired, promoted or taken seriously in the national security establishment.

Amazon upgrades its Blink outdoor security camera with better battery, two-way talk

Sure, Google’s getting most of the smart home love this week, but you didn’t think Amazon would let an I/O pass without releasing a little news of its own, did you? The company just announced the latest version of its outdoor Blink security camera, the fittin…

Analyst: US enemies adapt while Trump stays the same

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses the threats the US faces from foreign election interference.

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