Homeland Security’s Jeanette Manfra is coming to Disrupt SF

Homeland Security’s Jeanette Manfra is coming to Disrupt SF

We can’t talk cybersecurity without hearing from the government. We’re thrilled to announce Homeland Security Assistant Director Jeanette Manfra, a senior executive at the department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), will be at Disrup…

Trump Mixes Economic and National Security, Plunging the U.S. into Multiple Fights

The Trump administration has argued that economic security is national security. But as a consequence, it now finds itself in an economic war on nearly every front.

Upgrade Your Home Security While This 7-Piece SimpliSafe System Is On Sale

SimpliSafe 7-Piece Home Security System | $200 | Woot Read more…

Man injures 5 TSA agents while rushing through security, authorities say

A man tried to rush through a security checkpoint at the Phoenix airport, attacking security officers and injuring five TSA agents, authorities say.

Dell software designed to protect you from vulnerabilities has another vulnerability

Dell’s SupportAssist software, a Windows toolkit designed in part to protect your computer from security vulnerabilities, has yet another vulnerability of its own that makes running older versions of the software a risk to your system.

Security camera captures creepy creature and everyone has a theory

Welp, we have a new entry on the list of creepy internet videos. Vivian Gomez posted a video to Facebook late last week taken by one of the security cameras outside her home. In the video, a small mystery creature that bears a striking resemblance to an alien…

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