How Trump Hollowed Out US National Security

How Trump Hollowed Out US National Security

Acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell is just the latest in a cascade of temporary or vacant personnel in critical government positions.

Google makes its Titan security keys available across Europe

Google’s Titan security keys are now available in more regions. The company started selling them in the US a month after they were launched, and while it eventually rolled them out to more countries, their availability remained limited. Now, the tech giant ha…

Microsoft’s Defender security software is coming to iOS and Android

Despite Apple and Google’s best efforts, malware and malicious apps are still a big concern on iOS and Android. So today, Microsoft announced that it’s bringing its Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to the mobile operating systems. In other words, Mic…

The ‘Robo Revenge’ App Makes It Easy to Sue Robocallers

Mac malware, a Bitcoin mixer, and more of the week’s top security news.

How much should a startup spend on security?

One of the questions I frequently ask startup founders is how much they’re spending on security. Unsurprisingly, everyone has a different answer. Startups and small companies are invariably faced with the prospect that they’re either not spending enough or ar…

All Nest accounts will require extra sign-in security this spring

It’s not just Ring committing to improving the security of its smart home systems in 2020. Google’s Nest has announced that, as of this spring, it will require email-based two-factor authentication for everyone who hasn’t previously enabled the feature or mig…

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