How Trump's Cruise Ship Ban Will Affect Travel to Cuba

How Trump’s Cruise Ship Ban Will Affect Travel to Cuba

Starting today, traveling to Cuba just became more difficult. In an effort to “channel away” economic activity that benefits the Cuban military, intelligence, and security services, recreational travel to Cuba by cruise ship has now been banned by the Trump A…

This Windows Flaw Is So Bad, Even the NSA Is Begging You to Update

It’s not every day that the National Security Agency urges you to update your computer. Read more…

SentinelOne raises $120M for its fully-autonomous, AI-based endpoint security solution

Endpoint security — the branch of cybersecurity that focuses on data coming in from laptops, phones, and other devices connected to a network — is an $8 billion dollar market that, due to the onslaught of network breaches, is growing fast. To underscore that …

Undercover security forces harass reporter live on air

CNN’s Matt Rivers was harassed while covering the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, of which China strictly controls and censors any coverage or discussion.

Cameras Came to the Newsroom. What if They Catch Us Printing Springsteen Tickets?

My bosses put security monitors around the office. An uproar failed to ensue.

How a Secret U.S. Cyberweapon Backfired

Hackers have seized government computer systems using the National Security Agency’s own hacking tool.

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