I Want to Upgrade Windows 7, but I'm Scared to Lose My Programs

I Want to Upgrade Windows 7, but I’m Scared to Lose My Programs

Everyone’s talking about Windows 7 this week. And even if you have absolutely no interest in the inner workings of your PC’s operating system, your attention has no doubt been drawn by Microsoft’s twist: The company isn’t supporting Windows 7 with security up…

What Happens to Your Items That Get Confiscated by TSA?

You pass through the metal detectors at airport security when a TSA agent asks the one question no one wants to hear, directed at the crowd of travelers around you: Whose bag is this? Before you know it, the agent pulls out that oversized liquid from your car…

NYT: Experts find evidence Russians hacked Ukrainian gas company

Any relationship between former Vice President Joe Biden, his son and the Ukrainian gas company Burisma has become a central figure in the 2020 election campaign and the impeachment of Donald Trump. Now, in a situation with echoes of the 2016 election, the Ne…

Iran plane crash: Missile struck underneath cockpit – Ukraine

Ukraine’s top security official tells the BBC what investigators in Tehran have uncovered.

Macron berates Israeli police at Jerusalem church

French President Emmanuel Macron berates the security for not leaving a Jerusalem basilica.

Michael Avenatti ‘living in El Chapo cell’

Lawyers for Michael Avenatti claim he is in a high-security cell and has difficulty functioning.

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