JDI's ultrathin biometric sensor is built for 'high security' authentication

JDI’s ultrathin biometric sensor is built for ‘high security’ authentication

Japan Display, the company known for cramming massive screen resolutions into tiny spaces, has created the world’s first ultrathin image sensor that measures fingerprints, veins and pulse waves. At 15 micrometers thick the sensor is as thin as paper and featu…

Donald Trump’s ‘National Security’ Impeachment Defense Is a Red Herring

The president’s cry-wolf strategy is straight from Richard Nixon’s playbook.

Octarine releases open source security scanning tools for Kubernetes

Octarine, a startup that helps automate security of Kubernetes workloads, released an open source scanning tool today. The tool, which is called KubeScan, is designed to help developers understand the level of security risk in their Kubernetes clusters. The c…

How to Set Up Your iPhone as a Security Key for Google’s 2FA

iOS: If you’re a good Google user, you’re probably used to receiving all sorts of prompts on your device whenever you sign into your account (or in the not-so-great instance when someone else is trying to sign in as you). Android users have been able to use t…

FBI Takes Down Site With 12 Billion Stolen Records

Turkey gets Wikipedia back, Mayor Pete loses his cyberguy, and more of the week’s top security news.

Amazon calls PayPal’s $4 billion Honey browser add-on a ‘security risk’

A few days before Christmas last year, shoppers who tried to use Honey with Amazon started getting a warning from the e-commerce giant, according to Wired. The popular money-saving browser extension that tracks prices and discounts was a “a security risk,” it…

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