Keep an eye on your home at all times with the Arlo Pro 2 camera kit on sale

Keep an eye on your home at all times with the Arlo Pro 2 camera kit on sale

TL;DR: Keep your home protected with an Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security 2-Camera System for $288.85, a 27% discount. You don’t have to be psychic to know exactly what’s going on in and around your house while you’re away. Instead, you just need an Arlo Pro …

Analyst: Trump administration has no credible case on imminent threat

CNN National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses the latest developments facing President Donald Trump and Iran.

Germany has to pay Microsoft for failing to upgrade from Windows 7

Last winter, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 would reach its end-of-life on January 14th, 2020. In other words, the company will not be releasing any updates for the operating system — even crucial security patches — after that date. The public had nearl…

See swarms of millions of locusts strike

Massive swarms of locusts have swept across the east of Africa since December, threatening food security and livelihoods.

Why You Should Always Contact Your Airline During a Tight Connection

Over on the Flyer Talk forums, one user explained why they missed a connecting flight because of an issue with the boarding pass on their phone. According to their account, the United app glitched just as the passenger lined up at security—and failed to show …

The Easiest Way to Switch from Windows 7 to Linux

Welcome to the last day of Windows 7—the last day Microsoft is giving out security updates for the antiquated operating system, that is. While you have plenty of options for upgrading Windows 7, and even a hack that might be able to extend your updates for ye…

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