Mozilla gives Firefox a new logo as it looks beyond the browser

Mozilla gives Firefox a new logo as it looks beyond the browser

Mozilla’s Firefox is getting a new logo that is meant to reflect that the brand now stands for more than a browser. With products like its password manager Lockwise, private file sharing service Send and security tools like Firefox Monitor, Mozilla has greatl…

Boost Mobile informs customers about a data breach — two months ago

Sprint-owned virtual mobile network operator Boost Mobile quietly informed customers that it suffered a data breach that allowed hackers to access some user accounts. In a notice posted on the Boost Mobile website, the company said a previously undisclosed br…

How to Prepare for the Changes Coming to Your Nest Account

At its most recent developer’s conference, Google announced that it would be rebranding its Nest lineup of products, ultimately resulting in some changes to its Works with Nest program. The program was initially put into place to help bridge the connection be…

‘Sign In With Apple’ Protects You in Ways Google and Facebook Don’t

Apple’s new single sign-on scheme has benefits that its competitors seem unlikely to match.

Voicemail from Trump’s attorney to Flynn’s lawyer relseased

The FBI released audio of the voicemail from President Donald Trump’s attorney John Dowd to the attorney for Trump’s fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz has the details.

Prosecutors: US Customs supervisor had ‘highly suspicious’ contact with Chinese officials

Customs and Border Protection supervisor Wei Xu is charged with unlicensed gun dealing. Agents seized more than 250 guns, including nearly three dozen machine guns. Xu remains behind bars amid questions about his security clearance and ties to China.

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