Mozilla ranks dozens of popular ‘smart’ gift ideas on creepiness and security

Mozilla ranks dozens of popular ‘smart’ gift ideas on creepiness and security

If you’re planning on picking up some cool new smart device for a loved one this holiday season, it might be worth your while to check whether it’s one of the good ones or not. Not just in the quality of the camera or step tracking, but the security and priva…

How Brian Kemp hacked Georgia’s election

“[Brian] Kemp on Thursday said he had resigned as Georgia’s secretary of state,” reported Reuters yesterday. No one watching Kemp’s malfeasant, multi-year election security trash fire could understand why that sentence didn’t stop at “resigned.” But, as they …

Melania calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel’s firing

The first lady’s office says the aide “no longer deserves the honour” of serving the White House.

The Challenges of Cybersecurity Education

Quinn Galla is seen working in the command center of Edgeworth Security at the company’s office, outside of Pittsburgh.

N.J. Democrat Defeats Trump Ally, Leaving the State With Just 1 Republican in Congress

Andy Kim, a New Jersey Democrat who was a national security adviser in the Obama administration, defeated the Republican incumbent, Tom MacArthur, to win a congressional seat.

Kirstjen Nielsen could be asked to resign soon, officials predict

President Donald Trump could ask Kirstjen Nielsen, his secretary of Homeland Security, to resign in the coming days, multiple officials familiar with the matter predicted, describing the President’s continued frustration at her handling of his signature issue…

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