New Mexico Observatory Finally Gives Explanation for Mysterious Shutdown

New Mexico Observatory Finally Gives Explanation for Mysterious Shutdown

Ever since the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, was evacuated and visited by the FBI on September 6, the organization that runs the facility has been mum on the “security threat” that led to the closure. Read more…

Bolton to Iran: Hell to pay if you cross us

During remarks at the United Against Nuclear Iran Summit, President Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton gave a stern warning to Iran.

He Took Home Documents to Catch Up on Work at the N.S.A. He Got 5½ Years in Prison.

The National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Md., where Nghia Pho worked. Hoping to win a promotion, he started taking work home, where Russian hackers are believed to have stolen it.

Bobi Wine says police seized his passport, ‘violated rights’ on return home

Ugandan politician Bobi Wine said security forces seized his passport and “violated his rights” when he arrived in the country Thursday following medical treatment in the US.

Homeland Security Denies Report Chinese Spies Put Tiny Microchips on Apple, Amazon Servers

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement this weekend supporting Apple and Amazon’s denial of an explosive Bloomberg Businessweek report claiming that a Chinese military unit inserted microchips into Super Micro Computer Inc (Supermicro) serve…

Newegg Data Breach Left Customer Credit Cards Exposed For a Month, Security Researchers Say

Many Newegg customers reportedly had their credit card information exposed in a breach that researchers are attributing to the Magecart group. Read more…

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