NordVPN takes your privacy seriously

NordVPN takes your privacy seriously

TL;DR: A three-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for £2.68 per month, saving you 70% on list price. Your online privacy and data security is something you should be taking seriously. We don’t want spread fear but the net can be a nasty place, and it’s b…

Arrest warrant issued for Beckham Jr after ‘striking security guard’s backside’

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr is subject to an arrest warrant from New Orleans police on a charge of alleged simple battery.

Man Utd scrap Gulf training camp plans because of security concerns

Manchester United scrap plans for a training camp in the Gulf region during next month’s winter break because of security concerns.

Bruce Schneier on 5G Security

Bruce Schneier comments on the issues surrounding 5G security: […] Keeping untrusted companies like Huawei out of Western infrastructure isn’t enough to secure 5G. Neither is banning Chinese microchips, software, or programmers. Security vulnerabilities in …

12 dead, hundreds wounded as protesters clash with Iraq security forces

Twelve people were killed and 230 others injured in protests in Iraq over the past three days, the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq said Sunday.

Tesla offers big cash prizes to car hackers in annual Pwn2Own contest

Highly-connected cars like Teslas bring all sorts of advantages, like over-the-air updates that deliver new features. But they may also be open to digital attacks. In the past, reports have emerged of hackers remotely controlling cars, stealing vehicles by co…

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