Protect your home with the Amazon Cloud Cam — on sale for $30 off

Protect your home with the Amazon Cloud Cam — on sale for $30 off

TL;DR: The intuitive Amazon Cloud Cam security camera is on sale for $89.99, down from $119.99. Like most people, you probably store some pretty valuable stuff in your home. Unfortunately, you can’t constantly be there to watch over everything — you’ve got a …

Digital security is confusing. This app protects everything for $20.

There’s no greater thrill in the world than breaking open the box of a shiny, new electronic device — well, maybe with the exception of getting Thai takeout via drone (whoa). But once your device is out of the box, it’s in the real world, and that can be a li…

Residents snapping every passing car – security or spying?

Some US neighbourhoods hope to deter crime by installing cameras which record car licence plates.

Vulcan Cyber announces $10M Series A to automate security patching efforts

Many software vulnerabilities are already known, and vendors have even issued patches, but the problem is there are so many patches that it’s often difficult for companies to keep up. Vulcan Cyber wants to help by bringing a level of automation to the patchin…

Internet wobble caused by Cloudflare glitch

The security firm suffers a problem of its own that causes clients’ websites to become inaccessible.

US President’s press secretary scuffles with North Korea security

Stephanie Grisham struggles with Kim Jong-Un’s staff to let US media into South Korea meeting.

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