Protection forces

Security Forces is an umbrella term frequently used to describe statutory organisations with internal security mandates. In the legal context of several nations, the term has variously denoted police and military units working in concert and sometimes also to state sponsored militias,[1] or the role of military and paramilitary forces (such as gendarmerie) tasked with the internal provision of public security.[2]

Examples of formally designated security forces include:

  • Afghan National Security Forces
  • Central Industrial Security Force of India
  • Central Security Forces of Egypt
  • Federal Security Force of Pakistan
  • Israeli security forces
  • Internal Security Forces of Lebanon
  • Iraqi Security Forces
  • Irish Security Forces
  • Kosovo Security Force
  • Macau Security Force
  • Palestinian National Security Forces
  • Public Security Forces of Bahrain
  • Puntland Security Force
  • Rhodesian Security Forces
  • Security Forces Command of Northern Cyprus
  • Sri Lanka Civil Security Force
  • United States Air Force Security Forces – Ground combat and military police force of the USAF
  • United States Marine Corps Security Force

See also[edit]

  • Public Security Force (disambiguation)


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