Ring Alarm, Ring Video Doorbell, Dell Desktop, Norton Security, and more deals for June 6

Ring Alarm, Ring Video Doorbell, Dell Desktop, Norton Security, and more deals for June 6

Got those vacation plans but afraid to leave your home unprotected? Fear no more. With the Ring Alarm 5 piece kit you can protect your whole home and get motion-activated alerts on your smartphone. With the power to control the alarm system from anywhere, so …

Grindr’s owner gave staff access to sensitive user data

When the US pushed Grindr’s owner to sell the app over national security concerns, it made only vague allusions to what might have prompted the decision. Now, however, the situation is clearer. Reuters sources have claimed that Beijing Kunlun triggered alarms…

2018’s car-inspired baby names include Elon Musk’s Tesla

In 2018, 109 babies born in the United States were named Tesla, as per a newly-released report from the Social Security Administration. Read more… More about Parenting, Mashable Video, Tesla, Elon Musk, and Baby

New Church Building Dedicated in Texas Town Where 26 Were Killed

The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs made its old building into a memorial to victims of the 2017 massacre, and designed its new one with security in mind.

Facial Recognition: Dawn of Dystopia, or Just the New Fingerprint?

A security camera in San Francisco’s Financial District. On Tuesday, San Francisco responded to widespread fears over privacy and misuse by banning the use of facial recognition by the police and other agencies.

Huawei says US ban is ‘in no one’s interest’

Huawei issued a statement today objecting to the recent actions of the US government to effectively ban Chinese telecom firms from doing business within the country. “This decision is in no one’s interest,” the company said. “It will do significant economic h…

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