Save $30 on the Ring Video Doorbell *and* get a free Echo Dot

Save $30 on the Ring Video Doorbell *and* get a free Echo Dot

Do you ever watch home invasion movies (a Hush or The Strangers type of deal) and immediately think of how much easier it would have been if the victims had security cameras ? Is that thought too 2019? Maybe, but it’s still smart: Whether you’re dealing with …

Upon Further Review: How Maximum Security Was Disqualified From the Kentucky Derby

The steward Barbara Borden explaining the decision to disqualify the Kentucky Derby’s apparent winner, Maximum Security, on Saturday.

Theresa May Fires Defense Secretary Over Huawei Leak

In a letter released Wednesday, Britain’s prime minister accused Mr. Williamson of leaking sensitive information about National Security Council talks on the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Google stats show how much a recovery number prevents phishing

In case you haven’t already set up a recovery phone number for your Google account, and enabled extra security features like multifactor authentication, the search giant is using hard data to explain why you should. Interestingly, studies ( 1 )( 2 ) researche…

Bolton on Russia: US made it clear behavior is unacceptable

National Security Adviser John Bolton discusses reports that Russia persuaded Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro not to leave to Cuba.

Cooper dumbfounded by Sanders’ answer

CNN’s Anderson Cooper looks at why President Trump’s proposal to overhaul border security and legal immigration left out key components.

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