Security Sets Man on Fire With 'Taser-Style Device' in Philadelphia

Security Sets Man on Fire With ‘Taser-Style Device’ in Philadelphia

A “Taser-style device” set a man’s clothing on fire on South Street in Philadelphia early Saturday morning after a security guard attempted to stun him, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported this weekend. Read more…

Democrats’ Opening Offer: More Customs Officers and Technology, but No Wall

An art display supporting immigrant rights near the border fence in Brownsville, Tex. Democrats offered money for some border security measures, but not a wall, in their opening bid in negotiations.

Pope Francis praises girl who broke through security to give him a letter

A little girl evaded tight police security Tuesday inside Abu Dhabi’s city stadium and ran to Pope Francis to deliver him a letter.

White House questioned after official’s notes caught on camera

A photographer captured a photo of National Security adviser John Bolton’s notepad during the White House press briefing, which had a note reading “5000 troops to Colombia.”

Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

Snap has reportedly ousted multiple high-ranking employees after an investigation into an alleged scandal involving its now former head of global security Francis Racioppi, the Wall Street Journal ’s Maureen Farrell reported Friday. Read more…

Off-Duty TSA Officer Jumps to His Death at Orlando International Airport

A man who officials say was an off-duty Transportation Security Administration officer fell to his death from the balcony of the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Orlando International Airport on Saturday. Read more…

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