Stop calling Facebook’s effort to fix itself an “arms race”

Stop calling Facebook’s effort to fix itself an “arms race”

Mark Zuckerberg’s election-security report card suggests Facebook is in a Cold War. But it’s actually more like Vietnam

The Home of the Future is a security challenge

You may love your smart thermostat and door lock, but as long as they’re on an open network, they’re targets for all manner of digital attacks.

Kid-Focused Apps Track Location, UK Spying, and More Security News This Week

In security news this week, some apps for children may violate privacy laws, State Department devices might be less secure than your Instagram account, and more.

UK phone giant EE hit by another security snafu

For the second time this week, UK phone giant EE has fixed a security lapse, which allowed a security researcher to gain access an internal site. The researcher, who goes by the pseudonym Six, found the company’s internal training site indexed on Google. (We’…

Amazon is quietly doubling down on cryptographic security

The growth of cloud services — with on-demand access to IT services over the Internet — has become one of the biggest evolutions in enterprise technology, but with it, so has the threat of security breaches and other cybercriminal activity. Now it appears tha…

Xage security automation tool could protect power grid from hackers

Xage, the company that wants to help make infrastructure more secure using the blockchain, announced a new policy manager tool to help protect utilities and other critical infrastructure from hackers and automate regulatory compliance. Xage CEO Duncan Greatwo…

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