Sudan crisis: Ex-President Omar al-Bashir moved to prison

Sudan crisis: Ex-President Omar al-Bashir moved to prison

Eyewitnesses say former President Omar al-Bashir has been taken to Kobar maximum security prison.

Trump Sees an Obstacle to Getting His Way on Immigration: His Own Officials

The president’s removal of Department of Homeland Security officials was the culmination of months of clashes over policies many say were legally dubious, unethical or impractical.

Microsoft Claimed a Security Breach Didn’t Compromise Email Messages—It Did

A series of security reports published over the weekend have raised serious concerns about Microsoft’s transparency in the wake of a recent data breach. Read more…

Factbox: Leading Sudanese security figures

Officers who ousted President Omar al-Bashir from three decades in power have announced that a military council will run Sudan for a transitional period lasting up to two years, followed by elections.

Everything You Need to Know About Kirstjen Nielsen’s Resignation

This weekend, the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned abruptly after a meeting that probably didn’t go all that well with President Trump. If you’re flipping through headline after headline trying to wrap your head around w…

Editorial Observer: Stephen Miller Can’t Act Alone

Stephen Miller looked on as President Trump spoke about sanctuary cities in March 2018. Sitting next to the president is Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary.

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