Sudan security forces 'carry out raid' ahead of mass protest

Sudan security forces ‘carry out raid’ ahead of mass protest

The main opposition group says armed forces broke up a press conference on the eve of the rally.

House Passes Election Security Package, With an Eye on Mitch McConnell

House Democrats are trying to push Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, to allow the consideration of election security bills in his own chamber.

Trump administration wants UK to leave EU, says adviser John Bolton

Brexit is a chance for the UK to become “strong and independent”, the US national security advisor says.

Become a cyber security specialist for under £10 with this Udemy course

The internet is a dangerous place, and it pays to stay protected. Yes, you should invest in a Virtual Private Network to keep your data safe, but a VPN doesn’t actually give you any real understanding of the threats out there. For that, you need to take a cyb…

Microsoft bans Slack and discourages AWS and Google Docs use internally

Microsoft has a prohibited list of apps and services, and Slack is part of it. The Free and Plus versions of Slack are banned at Microsoft, owing to security concerns. Microsoft Employees also have to get approval for AWS and Google Docs access

Update Your Dell Laptop Now to Fix a Critical Security Flaw in Pre-Installed Software

If you own a Dell, now would be a good time to update your system. Even if your PC wasn’t manufactured by Dell, it’s possible that a new vulnerability affecting millions could apply to you. Read more…

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