Taliban militants kill dozens at Afghan intelligence base

Taliban militants kill dozens at Afghan intelligence base

At least 43 security personnel are now known to have died in Monday’s devastating attack on an intelligence base.

How to Secure Your Accounts After the Massive ‘Collection #1’ Password Breach

“Another day, another migraine” is a wonderful morning mantra from Spongebob’s Squidward Q. Tentacles, which you can also apply to your account security on a near-weekly basis. It feels like there is always some new data breach or unfortunate leak you have to…

After Protests, a Bloody Crackdown in Zimbabwe

Security forces in the country are violently crushing protests set off by the increased costs of living and the government’s failure to improve economic conditions.

Venezuela Opposition Declares Maduro Illegitimate, and Urges Defections

In a high-stakes gambit, opposition lawmakers are hoping to entice members of the security forces to switch sides, so they can organize new elections.

Michael Cohen’s Prison of Choice: Well-Known to Jewish Offenders

The minimum-security camp at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, N.Y., has become an enclave for Jewish white-collar offenders.

Sony Gives Aibo a New Paint Job and Plans to Teach It Some Home Security Tricks

Resurrected back in 2017, Sony’s robotic dog Aibo made a big splash at CES 2018, but there wasn’t much fanfare for the pup at Sony’s CES booth this year. A few weeks later, however, Sony has announced a new version of the robotic companion featuring a beagle…

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