Trump Versus the Experts

Trump Versus the Experts

Intelligence chiefs testified this week before Congress about national security. President Trump is here to correct them with his alternative facts.

US announces new sanctions against Venezuela

National Security adviser John Bolton discussed new sanctions the US announced against Venezuela amid the country’s humanitarian crisis.

How to Protect Yourself Against Apple’s iPhone Bugs

Apple has, once again, found itself stuck with an eye-rolling iOS bug that puts your data security and privacy at risk. And, no, this isn’t the usual “someone found a way to bypass whatever authentication method you use” deal that tends to pop up around iOS r…

ICE Ran a Fake University in Michigan to Catch Immigration Fraud

The University of Farmington, outside Detroit, was part of an undercover operation by the Department of Homeland Security, the authorities said.

California Today: California Today: How the Rams Can Beat the Patriots

Friday: Everything you need to know before the big game on Sunday; President Trump calls border security negotiations a waste; and Jackie Robinson’s birthday.

He Says ‘Wall,’ They Say ‘Border Security’: A Glossary of the Border Debate

The semantics of the border wall debate are anything but trivial.

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