Twitter security flaw uses text spoofing to hijack UK accounts

Twitter security flaw uses text spoofing to hijack UK accounts

A Twitter security flaw gives hackers a way to post unauthorized tweets via text messaging, and British cybersecurity firm Insinia has proven its existence by hijacking some celebrities’ accounts. The company was able to post tweets as other people without ha…

Expect Longer Security Lines at the Airport During the Government Shutdown

If you have a flight coming up, you might want to give yourself a little extra time at the airport. Read more…

A Week Into Government Shutdown, Ire Turns to Fear for Federal Workers

A security checkpoint at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Some federal employees, including Transportation Security Administration agents, continue to work despite the government shutdown.

Trump’s Shutdown Is Not About Border Security

About 800,000 federal employees, and the citizens who depend on them, are being hurt for an empty political stunt.

EU offers bounties to help find security flaws in open source tools

The European Union believes it has a simple way to bolster its digital security : offer lots of cold, hard cash. The European Commission is launching bug bounties in January that will offer prizes in return for spotting security flaws in 14 free, open source …

House Dems’ First Bill Would Dramatically Boost Election Security

The first bill introduced by House Democrats is a whopping 570-page voting reform package that offers, in part, significant financial support to state election agencies seeking to shore up their security through use of risk-limiting audits and the timely exch…

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