What is the Titan Security Module?

What is the Titan Security Module?

You’ll find Titan Security chips in Pixel phones, 2FA security keys, and Google’s servers. Here’s how they all work together to keep your data safer. You might have heard about Google’s Titan security chain. It’s an idea that started for use in servers, then …

No pan-EU Huawei ban as Commission endorses 5G risk mitigation plan

The European Commission has endorsed a risk mitigation approach to managing 5G rollouts across the bloc — meaning there will be no pan-EU ban on Huawei. Rather it’s calling for Member States to coordinate and implement a package of “mitigating measures” in a …

Colbert throws shade on Bolton’s possible testimony

Late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah weigh in on former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton saying he was prepared to testify if the Senate issued a subpoena for his testimony in the President’s impeachment trial.

Bolton testimony announcement sent White House scrambling, sources say

Ex-national security adviser John Bolton’s announcement Monday that he would be willing to testify if the Senate subpoenaed him as part of its impeachment trial sent top White House aides scrambling, multiple people familiar with the reaction told CNN.

Burnett: Trump didn’t want anyone to see these emails

CNN’s Erin Burnett reacts to unredacted documents reviewed by Just Security which purport to show that the order to freeze military aid to Ukraine came directly from President Trump.

Stelter: Fox News turns on John Bolton

John Bolton used to be a paid contributor on Fox News before leaving to become President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, but now Bolton is a target for criticism from some of the network’s personalities. CNN’s Brian Stelter reports.

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