Who Is Alexander Vindman? White House Aide Reported Ukraine Concerns

Who Is Alexander Vindman? White House Aide Reported Ukraine Concerns

The decorated combat veteran and top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council will be the first active-duty military officer to take part in the public impeachment hearings.

Who Is Ambassador William Taylor? Key Witness in the Impeachment Inquiry

Mr. Taylor was sent to Ukraine to provide stability at the embassy. He ended up fighting to preserve American security aid from administration appointees who saw it as a political bargaining chip.

Chuck Schumer wants the US Army to think twice before using TikTok

In his letter, Schumer asks Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy whether the US Army was in contact with intelligence officials over its decision to use the TikTok platform recruiting and if it “conducted an analysis of alternative recruiting platforms” before moving…

Two more government officials to testify Wednesday evening in impeachment hearing

After explosive morning testimony directly linking President Donald Trump to an alleged “quid pro quo” in Ukraine, two government officials will tell lawmakers what they knew about the “quo” — US security assistance — as well as the circumstances surroundin…

The Real ID Is Nearly Here, and You Can’t Fly Home Without It

Next October, the TSA will stop accepting standard driver’s licenses as ID. Here’s how to get the Real ID—and why some people hate the idea.

Watchdog: Lack of permanent DHS leadership made department issues worse

Changes and vacancies in the top ranks of the Department of Homeland Security have made it harder to hire new employees and keep ones already on staff at the department, according to a new inspector general report.

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