Why Does a Bucks Security Guard Look Familiar? He Used to Play for the Team

Why Does a Bucks Security Guard Look Familiar? He Used to Play for the Team

Dick Garrett doesn’t always get recognized in his security role with the Bucks, but when he does it’s for a good reason: He played on Milwaukee’s 1974 finals team.

Kentucky Derby: Maximum Security’s owner denied appeal over disqualification

Racehorse owner plans legal action after request to appeal against the disqualification of Maximum Security as Kentucky Derby winner is rejected.

Airbnb Host Arrested After Hidden Camera Found in Bedroom WiFi Router

An Airbnb Superhost in China was reportedly caught stealthily filming guests after a woman with security expertise located a hidden camera tucked inside of a router in the home’s bedroom. Read more…

Trainer defends Kentucky Derby win via disqualification

Bill Mott, trainer of 2019 Kentucky Derby winner Country House, says winning via disqualification was bittersweet but defends the steward’s decision to disqualify Maximum Security.

Attorney: Suspect oversaw ‘incredible violence’ (2016)

A war crimes suspect living in the United States is now working as a security guard at Dulles International Airport near Washington. CNN’s Kyra Phillips reports.

Slack Kills Bug That Could’ve Let Hackers Intercept, Modify Files

A bug discovered in Slack, the workplace messaging app, may have allowed an attacker to intercept files downloaded from inside Slack’s Windows desktop client, according to security researchers. Read more…

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