Yahoo agrees $50M settlement package for users hit by massive security breach

Yahoo agrees $50M settlement package for users hit by massive security breach

One of the largest consumer internet hacks has bred one of the largest class action settlements after Yahoo agreed to pay $50 million to victims of a security breach that’s said to have affected up to 200 million U.S. consumers and some three billion email ac…

Apple’s new T2 security chip will prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your microphone

Apple’s newest MacBooks include a new feature that makes it far more difficult for hackers or spies to eavesdrop on your microphone. Buried in Apple’s latest range of MacBooks — including the MacBook Pro out earlier this year and the just-announced MacBook Ai…

WhiteSource nabs $35M to track open source code for security vulnerabilities

Open source software — a $14 billion market — has become a cornerstone for building apps and other IT services, with some 97 percent of developers today using using open source components of one form or another in their work. That popularity, however, belies …

Minister ‘blackmailed’ over sex video

A spokesman for South Africa’s home affairs minister accuses security services of hacking his phone.

Afghanistan election: Voters cast ballots amid heavy security

Afghans are set to defy militant threats and fears over fraud as they elect a new parliament.

Great Ad. Compelling Characters. But No Mass Audience for the Democratic Candidates.

A video featuring Democratic House candidates with national security credentials has drawn raves. But because of campaign finance laws, few have seen it.

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